How it all Began

Edible Island Whole Foods Market, or Edible as the locals call us, started off in the 70’s with a group of free-thinking people who got together in their cabins, converted barns, buses and half-finished home-made houses and decided they wanted to buy big amounts of organic food and split it up between them. This was an act of rebellion against the take-over of ‘big food’ in those days.

Grocery store shelves were filled with processed, packaged foods and health foods stores sold small amounts, if anything. These Comox Valley folks wanted to find a way around it. Edible represents a true community force. The power of people when they come together with their values front and centre.

We are currently located at the top end of Downtown Courtenay at 477 - 6th Street.


Edible Island has a long legacy in the Comox Valley

This is our history. As best we can remember it – those were some crazy days back then!

Late 70's

No organics available locally. Group orders kick things off - mostly bringing in organic produce from the Okanagan.


After operating as a Co-op, Edible becomes an ‘official’ store operating in Merville.


Sue Tupper joins the Co-op.


Sue Clarke joins the Co-op.


Jackie Sommerville joins the Co-op.


Move to Downtown Courtenay from Merville; top of 4th beside laundromat.


Another big move to larger location – where Gladstones is now.


Bar None opens in same location – run by Brianna Clark and then by Brian McCormick.


Sue, Sue and Jackie take full ownership.


Move to current location at the top of 6th.


‘The 3 Girls’ sold to ‘The 3 Boys’ (3 local guys) – one of which is Steve.


COVID hits and Edible runs a free volunteer grocery delivery service ‘Karma Drops’.


Steve wins a Business Leadership Award.


Finally purchase the building on 6th St!


New fresh logo and mural... AND there is more re-design to come!

A final note on dates... it’s now 2023, and when talking to previous owners, they didn’t always remember the exact dates of these events. So if you were there, and remember differently, we’d love to hear from you!

Edible Island is #theheartoflocal

Watch our video ‘This is Edible Island’ to learn more about our 40 year + history in the valley.

We respectfully acknowledge that we are living and working in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of this land.