Edible Island, Comox Valley Grown

Edible Island Whole Foods Market sprouted in 1980, back when ‘Health Foods’ was still a fringe concept and bulk or organic options were not readily available in the Comox Valley.

Our first home was a huge ‘barn’ style building in rural Merville, a 20 minute drive north of Courtenay. Edible Island trucked in cases of organically grown seasonal fruits and vegetables from the Okanagan, along with almost everything else in bulk. It was a committed customer who made the trip out to Merville, bringing their own containers with them to buy and stock up their year’s supply of organic produce and case lots of staples.

When a local Courtenay Health Food Store closed, we took over their location on Fourth Street and Fitzgerald Avenue. Edible Island began focusing more on packaged organic foods and started up a vitamin section and an alternative health and body care aisle. Our more convenient downtown location allowed us to grow, soon outgrowing our space. At this point we moved to and renovated the former Car Dealership lot on the corner of Fourth Street and Cliffe Avenue. Edible Island did well in this location and after the first year sublet space to a group who operated Bar None which became a popular meeting place within the community, and was a perfect complement to our store.

Moving once again to our current location on Sixth Street in downtown Courtenay was a wise choice and remains a fantastic location to this day. Plenty of parking and a convenient downtown setting allows our customers convenient access to nearby banks, restaurants, cafés, Library, Art Gallery, Thrifty Foods store and the many unique shops and boutiques on downtown’s Fifth Street.

Giving Back

We proudly support local groups and initiatives in their fund-raising endeavours. Edible Island has helped and continues to help school groups, local sports teams, Land Trusts, environmental groups, arts projects, the Food Bank and more with donations of gift baskets to raffle, gift cards to shop for needed groceries or simply necessary dollars to assist in these worthy causes.