A Local Treasure: Quadra Island Scallops

A Local Treasure: Quadra Island Scallops

January 18, 2023

Wild harvested scallops from Quadra Island are now available in our freezer! 

Cultivated and harvested by Quadra Island's We Wai Kai Nation in the cold, fast moving waters off of Rebecca Spit Provincial Park, this scallop is incrediblyspecial. It is a hybrid of Weathervane, for hardiness & size, and Hokkaido, for sweetness. This is tide to table seafood at its finest. We are so fortunate to have these available to us! 

Follow the link to watch a short video by We Wai Kai Nation & Walcan Seafood - hear their story and learn some handy searing tips.

Be sure to drop by our seafood freezer for a special treat next time you shop. 


We respectfully acknowledge that we are living and working in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of this land.