New and Old: Introducing 'Shirts to Bags'

New and Old: Introducing 'Shirts to Bags'

March 29, 2023

We love the concept of turning shirts into bags and so it felt natural to collaborate with Susan, Ruth, Nancy and Sue who are doing this project. They have delivered our first order of Edible Island custom branded bags - with our new logo - and they are awesome! We know you will love getting a stylish way to carry your groceries home, and leaving less of a footprint behind you.

Be sure to check out our display next time you're in the store, and if you ever need a new re-usable bag, make sure it's a "Shirt to Bag".


It's estimated that only 1% of donated clothing gets reused and the rest ends up in landfill sites or is shipped overseas where they cause problems for local communities.

  • "Shirts to Bags" is a local group of people who are on a mission to divert used shirts and blouses from our landfill sites by making them into reusable shopping bags
  • It's a WIN/WIN situation because fewer clothes will clog up our landfill sites and people will use fewer disposable bags
  • Each of these bags is unique, strong, and washable

By Supporting 'Shirts to Bags'

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