Local Organic Farms

Why We Choose Organic Farms

Organic farming uses a system that - without harsh chemicals and pesticides - can benefit the entire food system, enhance our health and protect the longevity of the soil. In the face of climate change, poor modern day health outcomes and impacts on wildlife that are simply devastating, there has never been a greater need to support organic farming than now.

Instead of spreading chemicals and degrading the health of the soil, organic farmers use a variety of holistic methods that aim to increase the vitality of the soil. This balanced approach promotes a natural synergy between plants and pests, and keeps our food free of toxins.

We choose organic, and we encourage you to do so too!

“Farmers are not honoured enough for the work they do. Not just as stewards of the land and business people. They are the ones who keep us fed. If we can honour the brilliance of farmers that will go a long way in transforming our food and agriculture system."
– Daniel Nierenberg, Food Tank

Let us introduce you to some of the local organic farms we know and love. Many of them also have farm stands, we encourage you to take a trip out and show them your support firsthand.

Comox Valley Organic Farms

Amara Farm

Arzeena and Neil started Amara Farm in 2012 with a dream to grow healthy food for their community. First came the veggies, and then an acre of blueberries in 2014. The farm received its certified organic status in 2015 and has since earned awards such as, the Land of Plenty Award (2018), and the Comox Valley Record's Best Market Vendor (2019). They have recently started a new project involving the addition of a new orchard full of apple, pear, and hazelnut trees.

Amara Farm is located 9 km away at 2641 Kirby Rd, Courtenay, BC.

Have a peek at this video from when we visited Amara Farm in 2018

Clever Crow Farm

In 1995 Brian and Lia McCormick moved to the Comox Valley.  They were part owners of the Bar None Café for seven years and owned a fixer upper on twelfth street, in Courtenay.

In 2012 they started making sea salt and spice blends, which unbeknownst to them at that time, would lead them to a whole new life.

In 2014 they took a leap of faith and bought 5 acres in Black Creek.  Starting with a blank slate, they have created a prosperous, healthy home, called Clever Crow Farm. They grow lots of leafy greens and veggies, raise happy chickens, host chef led cooking demos, and operate a bustling farm store full of culinary delights.

This farm should be on your ‘must visit’ list, while on Vancouver Island.

Clever Crow Farm is located 19 km away at 7911 N Island Hwy, Black Creek, BC.

Enjoy the bounty of Clever Crow Farm in this video by Raven Spirit Films

Two Roads Farm

Two Roads is a small scale family farm on Denman Island, in the Comox Valley, British Columbia. They are committed to caring for their natural and human communities by growing high quality, delicious, sustainable food using thoughtfully chosen farming methods that protect our natural environment.

Their vegetables are thoughtfully grown, using farming practices informed by the Canadian Organic Standard, Certified Naturally Grown standards, and education and research in sustainable farming and forestry.

Two Roads Farm is located 28 km (and a ferry ride) away on 1536 NW Rd, Denman Island, BC.

Take a peek at Two Roads Farms in this video by Steve Hawkins

Pattison Farm

Gerry and Dagmar Pattison have been operating their Certified Organic family farm since 1998. It began as a split operation with part of their farm at their home at Saratoga Beach, where they produced vegetable bedding starts for the at-home gardener and garden centers, along with a few vegetables, and the second part on a 10-acre farm site where they grew the majority of their field crops. In 2002 they took the step to combine both and purchased the present 15+ acre farm site at Dzini Rd in Black Creek mid-way between Courtenay and Campbell River BC. At this new site they have expanded their production with 3 green houses and 4 acres of field production and small orchard. The greenhouses allow for producing food even earlier in the season for some of the Valley’s best restaurants.

At Pattison Farms, food is grown in rich soils using traditional hand planting and hand harvesting methods. They offer a large variety of fresh vegetables such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beans, Broccoli and Cauliflower, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Lettuces, Carrots, Garlic, Onions, Summer and Winter Squash, Chard and more.

Pattison Farms is committed to providing the best quality Certified Organic produce and vegetable starts. Gerry and Dagmar welcome you to visit the Farm Stand and pick up fresh, just-picked seasonal veggies and plants.

Pattison Farms is located 20 km away at 2124 Dzini Rd, Black Creek, BC.

You can find out more about Pattison Farms organic farming practises in this video by Strathcona Lodge and Education Centre

Eatmore Sprouts & Greens

Glenn and Carmen Wakeling’s mission at Eatmore Sprouts is to provide fresh, locally grown, organic sprouts, year-round in the Comox Valley and beyond for a happier, healthier planet.

Eatmore Sprouts is a family run business, and owners Glenn and Carmen Wakeling have two wonderful kids who have been raised eating sprouts and greens. The Eatmore family includes 45 employees, some who have been with Eatmore for over 10 years.

Glenn and Carmen are committed to organic food production and they are enthusiastic about local organic farming. “We love what we do because we are able to feed people in British Columbia and the Western Provinces 365 days a year!”

Eatmore Sprouts is located 10 km away at 2604 Grieve Rd. Courtenay, BC.

Learn more about why Eatmore Sprouts grows organic in this video by the Canadian Organic Trade Association

Berry Best Organic Farm

“They really ARE consistently the Very Best Berries I have tasted in the North Island. Thank you for all your amazingly hard and conscientious work!” – Cyndy

For over 30 years produce from Berry Best has been available for sale at Edible Island Whole Foods Market. Berry Best sells a large variety of Berries, Vegetables, Fruit from the Okanagan, as well as lots of other fresh goodies! Availability of produce is all dependent on the time of the season.

Berry Best Farm is located 11 km away 2156 Coleman Rd. Courtenay, BC.

Check out Our Berry Best Day Trip video from 2018

Acacia Acres

Tended by farmer Gordon Wilkins, Acacia Acres grows organic green, yellow and purple beans along with black bush purple grapes, eight varieties of squash, sugar pumpkins and cucumbers. And if you’re looking for a hand-crafted bird house, bench, chair or custom wood pieces be sure to head out their way for a rustic shopping experience. The farm stand is open during summer hours.

Acacia Acres is located 9.3 km away at 1539 Little River Rd. Comox, BC.

BC Organic Farms

Longview Farms

Longview Farms is a progressive grower and shipper of a wide variety of Certified Organic fruit and vegetable crops as well as conventional fresh-cut daffodils, daffodil bulbs, pumpkins, and hay.  They are the largest Certified Organic vegetable farm on Vancouver Island and produce, daffodils and bulbs can be found in a number of local retail stores throughout Vancouver Island and the mainland.

Longview Farms is highly committed to a healthy local food system.  Their goal is to have a positive impact on local food security issues by increasing production and innovating to meet the ever changing needs of their community.

They have expanded their food crop varieties and acreage each year to well over 165 acres of Certified land in the rotation with further expansion planned for future seasons.

Longview Farms is located in the municipality of Central Saanich on Southern Vancouver Island which is on the West Coast of British Columbia. This area hosts some of the most productive farmland in Canada.

Myers Farm

Located just outside of Langley, in the heart of the Fraser Valley, Myers Organic Farms Inc. has been a fixture in the farming community for the past 23 years. They started organic farming as a way to provide a healthier and sustainable alternative for our future generations.

The farm began with two acres in 1995 and with hard work and dedication has blossomed into the 120 acre operation that now sustains over thirty families. They pride themselves on supplying only the highest quality produce to all of their loyal customers. With unwavering dedication to the organic practices, the farm supplies wholesale and retail outlets across Canada and the USA with over thirty varieties of Certified Organic Produce, Blueberries and Hops.

Snow Farm

Harvie and Susan Snow manage Snow Farms Ltd, a family-run farm business.  Other family members include daughter Meaghan, and son Trevor.

The Snows have been growing certified organic vegetables since 1995, and have farmed in the B.C. communities of Westwold, Bradner and Ladner.  Ladner has been their home since 2000, at various locations along 64th Street. They have been at our current “home” location for 18 years, and this is where their farm stand and processing/packing/shipping facilities are. In total they farm roughly 110 acres at various locations in South Delta, which allows them to grow as many as 40 different vegetable varieties. Primarily their produce is sold to the Wholesale market, and on farm sales are done through their Farm Stand.

Crisp Organics Farm

Crisp Organics began with Andrew, Willy and Clayton Arkesteyn-Vogler. Willy had grown up on a dairy farm with her family and after many years of working as a caretaker, was hoping to get back into agriculture. Clayton has been very interested in environmental issues and involved with Streamkeepers and the Fraser Valley Watershed Coalition. So when their son Andrew proposed starting an Organic produce farm, with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact, they were both on board! The land they grow on is ideal for growing vegetables. The soil, a sandy loam, is the result of thousands of years of sedimentation onto the old Sumas Lake bottom, which once covered much of the lowlands between Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Sumas Lake was drained in the early part of the 20th century to open land to agriculture and the area is now one of the most productive agricultural regions in Canada. They have been working hard to transform the land into a vibrant farm with an intense focus on sustainability. They grow a mixture of vegetables, fruit and herbs, everything from artichokes to zucchini. Due to the variety they grow, there's something fresh coming from the fields all year long!

Fountainview Farms

Fountainview Farms is one of the largest organic carrot producers in British Columbia, Canada. They grow and supply packed organic carrots to the wholesale markets, including juicing companies and local grocery stores. At Fountainview Farms, they pride themselves on producing quality organic carrots. This is why every carrot has been carefully grown with your health in mind. No chemicals. No fertilizers. No health risks. Only pure, sweet, nutritious carrots. Fountainview Farms grow produce that you can feel proud to eat.

We respectfully acknowledge that we are living and working in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of this land.