The Heart of Local

At Edible Island we are proud to be at the heart of our community. The fact that we now have third generation shoppers, and we’re still working with the same local vendors for decades now, well that’s just a dream come true for us.

For over 40 years we have had the privilege to develop long-standing relationships with so many wonderful like-minded folks. We love supporting what they do, and we appreciate the support we get in return. In many instances, we were fortunate enough to be the first store to stock many of the valley’s now well-known brands. And we - backed by the full support of our wonderful customers - love that we get to help our community shine and grow in this way.

“I love how Edible has always been in support of local farmers, artisans, and companies…thank YOU for your support.”
– Rosie, customer

What Does ‘Local’ Mean To You?

There is a lot of use of the word ‘local’ and it seems to have lost some of its meaning over the years. We made this video in 2015, and kind of (definitely) made fun of the fact that since everyone else is using the word local to describe how they stock their stores - we figure we may as well say we import everything!

Check out our video - At Edible Island Everything Imported (kind of)

In our store you will find an abundance of Comox Valley local-made products including hot sauce, tortilla chips, herbal tinctures, pate, yogurt, chocolate, kombucha, tea, energy bars, spices, seafood, tsaziki, skin care, honey, cheese, breads, naan, ramen noodles and so much more.

Over the years we’ve had a chance to drop in and visit with some of these local businesses.

Have a look at some of these videos and get a feel for the Comox Valley...

Dark Side Chocolates

Located 9 km away at 2722 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland, BC.

Healing Bliss Botanicals

Located less than 2 km away in Courtenay, BC.

Abuelo’s Foods

Located 13 km away at 5908 Bates Rd. Courtenay, BC.

Harmonic Arts

Located 10 km away in Cumberland, BC.

Natural Pastures Cheese

Located 450 m away at 635 McPhee Ave, Courtenay, BC.

Big Dee’s Bees

Located 20 km away at 2186 Endall Rd. Black Creek, BC

We respectfully acknowledge that we are living and working in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of this land.