Keep Calm and Carry Rhodiola

Keep Calm and Carry Rhodiola

September 5, 2023

One plant that should get more recognition for being truly extraordinary is rhodiola. Like many of the adaptogen class of herbs - which are known to help modulate and assist the body with stress - rhodiola can be of use to just about anyone who encounters high demands. Moms, dads, grandparents, students, athletes, professionals, farmers, teachers, retail all make the cut.

Rhodiola is best known as a 'balancer' in the body. It can help with energy and stamina, calm anxiety, boost mood, improve recovery from exercise and reduce mental fatigue and brain fog. Clinically it is shown to increase ATP (energy production), reduce cortisol and oxidative damage, as well as increase red blood cell count. It also has been trialled to show significant anti-depressant qualities. 

It's really one of those 'natural wonders' that can go just about anywhere in our bodies and do so many good things for us.  

To learn more watch this video by our Canadian friends at Nanton, makers of Rhoziva, explaining at bit more about their own passion for growing and making rhodiola products.

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Happy September. Stay well!

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