Edible Island Body Care Products

Edible Island Whole Foods Market features select personal body care lines for ingredient-savvy shoppers at competitive prices. Shampoos and conditioners, styling aids, soaps and bodywash, deodorants, skin and facial care cleansers, toners, creams and lotions (for all skin types), shaving creams, hand creams, leg wax systems, personal and intimate lubricants, alternate permanent hair dyes and hennas, baby care products, essential oils, carrier oils and full-range alternative cosmetic lines.

We offer hypo-allergenic alternatives in our bodycare and cosmetic section. A number of these product lines offer unscented options.

We stock biodegradable, reef-friendly sunscreens, notably Healing Bliss Botanicals, hand-made here in Courtenay, and Goddess Gardens Organics from the U.S.

With our active and on-going ordering schedules and so many catalogues accessed so frequently, Edible Island will happily order in that special skincare product you might want if it is one that we don’t already feature on our shelves.

To learn more about some of the products we offer at Edible Island view our select supplier websites.