Edible Island Vitamins & Supplements

Edible Island Whole Foods Market offers major top quality vitamin and supplement brand names at competitive prices. We carry a plethora of new and innovative lines as they come to the forefront of on-going and well-researched supplement knowledge, thus keeping up with the latest trends and your needs.

Edible Island has a full range of greens, proteins, and designer food supplements and beverages to complement your active and healthy lifestyle.

Edible Island employs extensively trained and knowledgeable staff in our vitamin/supplement department. These skilled personnel are available daily to help our customers determine the best possible choice of products according to each individual’s personal needs.

Edible Island product advisory staff members offer a wealth of education in Holistic and Herbal options to assist in the pursuit of your own optimal well-being. Our staff attend educational seminars and trainings regularly to keep themselves updated and to build on their existing product knowledge.  They are here to help you make informed choices about your health.

With our active and on-going ordering schedule, Edible Island Whole Foods Market accesses many catalogues and can readily order in items that may not be already included in our well-stocked shelves.

To learn more about some of the products we offer at Edible Island view our select supplier websites.