Jump Start The New Year With Good Basics

Jump Start The New Year With Good Basics

January 1, 2024

Happy New Year!

As we kick off 2024 it's a perfect time to talk about health. Let's ease in gently with the basics.

While there are many wonderful ways to support different areas of wellness, it's always smart to start simple with what we do every day. Don't you agree?

Getting adequate sleep, exercising and eating well are foundations for a healthy mind and body. And the little choices we make every day add up. So we need to eat, move and sleep with intention. By choosing organically grown whole foods that are unprocessed, with less packaging, we start in the right direction - one that can set us up for a healthier future. One step at a time.

PLUS. By supporting organic farmers you will surely get good karma!

And icing on the cake - the planet will benefit too. :)

Perhaps you've overindulged during the holidays? Who can help it with all those cookies and cheese platters?! Now's a good time to strike a balance and up your veggie intake with natural detoxifiers like beets and brussel sprouts. Each contain different phytonutrients that help the liver eliminate toxins. Berries and a rainbow of colourful veg will give you a range of different antioxidants to help fight free radical damage and protect your cells, leaving you with more energy and less sluggishness.

Supporting your digestion with simple habits like sipping apple cider vinegar or lemon water with meals, along with boosting your daily greens (ie kale, arugula and chard) will help to de-bloat and encourage a healthy gut balance. The chlorophyl in the greens will help to bind toxins and remove them as nature designed via the intestinal tract. Adding a little more fibre to your diet at this time can also be helpful to bind and remove waste and toxins. 

If you were hit with that tummy bug that was going around you might be in need of deeper gut repair. Look to the traditional wisdom of bone broth which contains collagen, and in particular is rich in the amino acid glycine, known for its anti-inflammatory properties in the gut. In addition naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut and sources of probiotics, such as yogurts or kefirs, will help to replenish the good bacteria in the gut for a truly fresh start.

Food really IS medicine. This is where it all begins.

Stay well!

Written by Edible Island's in house content writer and Nutritionist Sita Huber, BHsc (Nutritional Medicine)

We respectfully acknowledge that we are living and working in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of this land.